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When you need professional garage door repair services in Raleigh, NC, Overhead Raleigh Doors delivers quick service from trained overhead door professionals.

Professional Garage Door Repair and Installation in Raleigh, NC

Family-owned and locally operated, our team members live in the neighborhoods we serve. As a result, we have unique insights into servicing your residential garage overhead door in Raleigh, NC.
We offer the best warranties and service plans available in addition to top-notch customer service. Contact us for premium garage door repair service today.


Our Testimonial

Rick Baskin
Rick Baskin
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I initially selected ORD out of several that I contacted because he answered the phone himself (Luis) he was likely working on a door at the time and had a great and positive attitude on the phone. Lightening had taken out my opener and life without a garage door is not fun 😉 Luis immediately said he could be here at 2pm and was prompt if not a few minutes early (this is rare these days) Luis knows his business and products and worked efficiently to replace and test everything after having recommended the right opener based on my needs. Without reservation I highly recommend ORD and Luis!!!
Lynda Watson
Lynda Watson
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We were already impressed that Luis would be at our house in 45 minutes on a Saturday morning but then we installed our new spring in record time. What a wonderful experience! We would absolutely recommend ORD and Luis! THANKS!
Anna Maye
Anna Maye
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The technician did an excellent job, explaining best way to make the repairs and provided maintenance suggestions. Wonderful experience and highly recommend this company for your garage repairs!!!
Crystal Rinaldi
Crystal Rinaldi
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We have been having issues with our garage door recently. I found ORD and called Luis Diaz for an estimate. He was at my house in 30 minutes! He was very professional and explained every detail to me. He was able to give me two options, one was cheaper and we could give it a try or the other more expensive one. We chose the cheaper option! It was fixed in less than 10 minutes. Fabulous service and company! Will definitely use them again.
Danny Trainer
Danny Trainer
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Luis came by right away to fix my old garage door. He was friendly and did great work. Highly recommended!
Joseph Buscemi
Joseph Buscemi
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Highly recomend using Luis and ORD! They show up on time as agreed and made fast and neat work of my motor replacements. I have used them to replace both my motors on different occasions.
Sally Mackie
Sally Mackie
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Great experience. Luis quickly diagnosed and fixed my very old automatic garage door. His communication from initial phone call to end of visit was fabulous. I will refer him to everyone I know!
Kate DeBruin
Kate DeBruin
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Luis (owner) is fantastic! Courteous, prompt, extremely efficient, and willing to explain the problem and possible solutions. Will absolutely contact him again if my garage doors need service!

Free, No-Obligation Consultations

When you need garage door system repair, replacement, or installation, Overhead Raleigh Doors will meet you at your home. We’ll then thoroughly discuss your needs and options. You have no obligation to pay us until you sign a service contract.

Licensed, Insured, and Experienced Garage Door Technicians in Raleigh, NC

We provide continued education and training for our team to keep them up to date on garage system technology. Overhead Raleigh Doors maintains our business license. We also provide insurance to protect our employees, our customers, and the doors and opener systems we repair or install.

Fast, Reliable Garage Door Service

When your garage door stops working, you need a garage door repair company you can trust to get the job done. Our customers appreciate our quick response, consistently excellent customer service, and reliable garage door repairs.

Safe, Secure Garage Door Repairs and Installations

Garage doors and openers should provide safe, secure functionality for your garage entrances. Our technicians can ensure that your doors stay on track and your openers work correctly without buckling or breaking. With our help, your garage will remain a safe part of your home, whether open or closed.

Top-Quality Garage Door and Opener Equipment and Materials

At some point, you may need repairs performed, new garage doors installed, or a new garage door opener. Whatever the case, Overhead Raleigh Doors uses the best materials and equipment to complete the job. Our technicians know how to help you choose the right equipment and materials to lengthen your new system’s lifespan.

Size, Material, Style, and Color Options for Any Garage Door

Garage doors come in various styles, colors, and materials. Some residential garages have openings unusually wide or high, necessitating custom door sizes. Overhead Raleigh Doors helps you find the right size, style, and color for your garage doors. We use the best, longest-lasting material for Raleigh's unique environmental conditions.

Garage Door Inspections and Maintenance in Raleigh, NC

Your garage door sees a lot of action throughout its life. So, stay on track with the best overhead door maintenance company in Raleigh, NC.
Our professional residential garage door technicians ensure your garage door systems work seamlessly year-round. Some of our garage door maintenance tasks include:

Garage Door Systems

We recommend homeowners with garage door systems schedule a garage door maintenance appointment yearly. Seasonal changes stress your system, as does an increase or decrease in usage. If you notice any of these issues, call us today to schedule a garage door maintenance inspection:

Full-Service Garage Door and Opener Repair Raleigh, NC

If you experience severe garage system issues or your maintenance check uncovers problems, contact our residential garage door technicians. We can identify and repair your garage door system. Repairs and replacements differ depending on your system and garage door opener.
After repairing your garage system, we’ll work with you to devise a maintenance schedule to ensure your system’s continued service. In most cases, garage door problems arise when homeowners skip regular maintenance checks. Some repairs we see when homeowners neglect routine maintenance include:

Broken Garage Door Springs

When your torsion springs break, your garage door loses its ability to stay overhead. Our professional torsion spring repair saves you from your door crashing down unexpectedly.
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Faulty Garage Door Opener

A malfunctioning garage door opener traps your vehicle or makes it impossible to get into your garage. Whether the problem results from age, poor construction, or mechanical problems, Overhead Raleigh Door experts can help.
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Malfunctioning Keypad or Remote Controls

Perhaps your garage door keypad needs reprogramming or your remote garage controls won't work right. When these situations happen, your garage door system becomes a huge headache.
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Sagging Overhead Doors

Time takes its toll on your garage door system, weakening the springs until your doors begin to sag. Our garage door technicians can perform tightening, realignments, or reinforcements to help your door stay up.
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Off-Track Overhead Doors

When garage doors go off-track, they may fall or collapse without warning, endangering family or belongings. Overhead Raleigh Door professionals put your doors back on track.
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Garage Door Sensor Problems

If your garage door sensor can't detect people or vehicles in the way of your door, it may close your garage, potentially causing injuries or damage. Our technicians will clean and realign your garage door's safety sensor.
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New or Replacement Garage Door Installation

Residential garage doors can last between 15 and 30 years, depending on their material, usage, weather, environment, and maintenance. Garage doors with noticeable dings, dents, paint or varnish problems, and scratches detract from your home’s curb appeal.
Sometimes, these cosmetic issues turn into rust, holes, or gaps in your door. As a result, they allow environmental problems like humidity or extreme temperatures into your garage.
Overhead garage doors can appear as a solid wall. They may also have glass windows to allow natural light into your garage. Some may even have decorative hardware like metal handles, plates, or other materials to enhance garage door’s curb appeal.
Common overhead door materials include:

While you can choose any material for your overhead door in Raleigh, NC, consider how you use your garage. Homeowners who use their garage primarily for parking their vehicles or as storage space may only need regular garage doors. Others who spend a lot of time in their garage may want insulated garage doors, which help lock interior temperatures to your preferences.

Garage Door Opener Replacement or Installation

Whether your garage door opener needs replacement, or you want to install a new one, Overhead Raleigh Doors can help you understand the opener types. We’ll identify which opener works best for your needs. Door openers come in different horsepower levels and can work from your ceiling or your garage door’s side.
Types of garage door openers include:

Garage Door Openers

Some garage door openers have a built-in sensor that tells the system when to close or open your door, depending on your proximity to the garage. This sensor makes your system safer, especially if you have pets or small children.

Other features available with certain garage door openers include:

Garage Door Trim Repair and Replacement

The trim around your overhead garage door stops rain, snow, and debris from building up on your garage doors. When garage door trim becomes damaged, the wood framing becomes exposed to the elements and may begin to break down. The damaged frame endangers your garage’s structural integrity, potentially leaking water into other wall parts that could keep spreading.
A common cause of garage door trim damage stems from basketball goals installed above the garage. Not every ball hits the basket, bouncing off your garage door trim instead.
Therefore, keep an eye out for dings, dents, and loose trim pieces. Plan for repairs or replacement if you find noticeable damage.

Garage Door Weather Sealing

Garage doors with proper weather stripping prevent insects, rodents, dust, and other pollutants from entering your garage. Sealed overhead doors also retain stable temperatures in your garage while keeping out humidity.

The bottom of your garage door benefits from weather stripping. This material acts as a buffer between the floor and the door.

Professional weather stripping repair or replacement guarantees that your doors receive the correct stripping to prevent air leaks, pollutants, or door damage. If weather stripping is not a service you want performed on its own, we’ll happily combine weather stripping with other garage door services. Our experts help you keep a safe, comfortable garage while saving on your utility bill.

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Whether you schedule general maintenance on garage systems or need repairs to your garage doors and openers, our garage experts can help.


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